We are delighted you are a part of the Los Angeles Music Academy family.  As a community music school, LA Music Academy and provides education and involvement in music for people of all ages and abilities. We focus on quality instruction in a variety of musical styles , fostering lifelong values and an appreciation of the Arts.


How to Register

Please feel free to call the Music Academy, 213-471-2124, and discuss registration and enrollment.

New Student Registration

There’s a one-time fee of $25 charged, REIMBURSED to you after your first lesson. Once your first lesson is scheduled, you’re required to pay for the first lesson plus $25 new student fee. Once you attend your first lesson, your $25 is returned to you in the form of lesson credit. We will deduct $25 from your first month’s fees for lessons.

Fees and Discounts

As a community music school, our fees are set at the minimum allowance for classes and lessons; thus,we cannot offer other discounts.

  • Base Tuition for each private lesson (for Beginners up to Suzuki Level 4 or equivalent level)

30 Min: $30.00/Lesson                45 Min: $45.00/ Lesson                  60 Min: $60.00+/ Lesson (Tuition may vary depending on the instructor).

  • Advanced Level Tuition

45 Min: $50/ Lesson             60 Min: $60.00~$80.00 / Lesson (Tuition may vary depending on the instructor).

You may enroll for lessons at any time during the year.

We do not currently offer group classes.


  • Unless other arrangements have been made, payment for the entire month is due at the first lesson of the month.
  • A late fee of $5 will be added to any tuition payments received after the 10th of the month. In addition, checks postdated after the 10th of the month will be considered late.
  • All students will be expected to attend a lesson each week that lessons are offered.

Tuition is due prior to the start of lessons and classes each term.  Tuition will be due every 1st week of each month.   Payment may be made by check, money order or credit card. For tuition payments by credit card, a 3% fee is added to each transaction.

Previous account balances must be paid in full before continuing for a new term or registering for new lessons and classes. If a payment is returned due to insufficient funds, there will be an automatic $35 NSF fee charged to the account on file.


Missed Lessons

  • Once enrolled, students are expected to attend all lessons.  Please consider lesson times when scheduling doctor appointments and other activities. Make-up lessons are at the discretion of your private teacher, and will be made-up if scheduling allows.  If you need to miss a lesson, please inform your teacher at least 24 hours in advance. For fewer than 24 hours’ notice, the student will still be charged for the lesson.
  • Please communicate with your teacher if you have known schedule conflicts such as family travel or school trips. If you or your child is sick, please notify as soon as possible. If a a student is sick or if there is an emergency, special cases will be accommodated.
  • If a lesson is canceled due to teacher absence, the teacher will try to reschedule the lesson. Our teachers are active professional musicians and have concerts to perform.  They may need to reschedule on occasion. Also, if our teacher is sick, their lessons will be canceled. The teacher will be in contact for your make-up lessons. Most likely, they will discuss this at your next regularly scheduled lesson time. We prefer everyone stays healthy!

Ending Private Lessons

  • While we hope you enjoy learning music with us, we understand if circumstances change and you need to stop lessons. If this is the case, two weeks’ notice is required. As well, a student/parent forfeits any remaining paid lessons for that current month.

Cancellations for private lessons

  • To reiterate, in order be eligible for a make-up lesson, the student/parent must give at least 24 hours’ notice. (This gives teachers time to adjust their schedules.) If a student cancels the day of their lesson due to sickness, we will do our best to offer a makeup lesson (up to one time per semester.)


  • Daily practice is always best. We know this isn’t always possible, but this is the goal. Students participating in our lesson program are required to practice a minimum of five days per week.


  • The instructor reserves the right to refuse to do business with anyone for reasons the instructor deems necessary. The student and student’s guardian(s) expressly release and discharge the studio and the instructor from liabilities for any and all claims and demands, known or unknown, presently existing or which may arise in the future.