Sarah Soza

Customer Service & Sales

Sarah Soza joined Los Angeles Violin Shop in 2022 where she holds the position of Sales Assistant. Sarah works with customers to select the perfect instrument within the parameters of size, price, and timbre. To achieve this final specification, Sarah demonstrates a full range of sounds, providing the customer with another perspective into any given instrument. 

Presently, Sarah is under the tutelage of internationally acclaimed violist and pedagogue, Dr. Jerzy Kosmala, at the University of California, Irvine. She is pursuing two degrees in Viola Performance, B.M. and in International Studies, B.A. Growing up a string player, Sarah particularly enjoyed the process of seeking out her next instrument and visits to the workshop always piqued her interest in the building process. Now, at LAVS, Sarah is able to learn and understand her instrument from the inside out. 

In her role, Sarah is also able to support the luthiers during set-up by playing customer’s instruments, giving fresh insight into the sound quality being produced. Within this vein, Sarah was employed by Head Luthier Jake Han and Luthier Sean Park to bring their violas into prime playing condition for the 2022 Violin Society of America Competition.