Kwangyeon Ryan Kim

Luthier & Violin Maker

Ryan (Kwang-Yeon) Kim joined the Los Angeles Violin Shop in 2015. He is an extremely reliable craftsman; Ryan’s knowledge and understanding of instrument construction have become an asset to many customers and patrons. Currently, Ryan crafts his own competition-grade violins along with fine restoration and set-up work at LAVS. 

Ryan has won an award for his craftsmanship from the Violin Makers Association of Arizona International: 

2021 Silver Medal in Violin Tone 

Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, Ryan has been fascinated with wood-working since childhood. He eventually moved to the United States where he met Owen Lee, still then an apprentice to Amos Hargrave. A friendship with Owen exposed Ryan to the world of violin lutherie, thus transforming his childhood interest into a vocation.  Ryan trained in craftsmanship and restoration under distinguished luthiers Amos Hargrave and Jake Han. He continually strives to expand his experience with antique instruments and their maintenance.