Jake Jiwon Han

Workshop Chief Violin Maker

Jake (Jiwon) Han is the current Head Luthier of Los Angeles Violin Shop and is entrusted with the finest instruments that come through our doors. Already a well-established luthier, he joined LAVS in 2015 to further broaden his level of crafting and restoration. Jake’s acoustical adjustment and set-up skills have greatly aided musicians of all levels since his arrival. In addition to his work at LAVS, Jake currently crafts award-winning violins & violas by commission. These instruments are in demand by advanced and professional level players due to their incredibly nuanced sound and Jake’s fine workmanship. 

Jake has won several awards for his craftsmanship from the prestigious Violin Society America including: 


2022 Silver Medal for Tone for Violin 

2022 Certificate for Tone for Viola 

2018  Certificate for Tone for Violin 


Before relocating to the U.S, Jake lived and worked in Seoul, South Korea. He gained workshop and restoration experience at the Stradi Workshop. While affiliated with Stradi Workshop, he worked closely with the Kumho Asiana Foundation and Songwoo Trading Company. These companies are regular distributors of supplies to the leading international violin dealership, John & Arthur Beare. During one of Owen Lee’s ventures abroad, he petitioned Jake to become Head Luthier of LAVS and of which, he accepted. 

You may find out more about him at his Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jakej.w.hanviolins/