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Yongmin NA Silver Violin Bow-SOLD


Maker: Yongmin NA Region: Seoul, S Korea Year: 2020 Certification:…

Yongmin NA Silver Cello Bow-SOLD


Yongmin Na Born in Seongnam, South Korea. Currently making bows in…

Yongje Song Vn/Vc Silver Vc Gold


Maker: Yongje Song Region: Seoul, S Korea Yongje Song is a Korean bow…

Yongje Song Silver Violin Bow 2021-SOLD


2018 VSA Winner of violin bow making. Newly arrived for trial.

Yongje Song Silver Cello Bow-SOLD


Yongje Song Song Yong-je is a Korean bow maker who is currently…

Wilhelm Klier Violin 4/4


Wilhelm Klier Violin outfit The Wilhelm Klier instruments, like…

Wilhelm Klier Model 4/4


Maker: Eastman Strings Origin: Crafted Germany, Finish body in…

Walter Mahr Bubenreuth 2006-SOLD


Maker: Walter Mahr Region: Bubenreuth Germany Year: 2006 Price:…

W.E. Hill- Malcolm Taylor 1950-60


Maker: W.E. Hill Malcolm Taylor Region: England Mount: Silver Year:…

Virginia Morricone Rome Italy 2017-SOLD

Maker: Virginia Morricone Region: Rome, Italy Year: 2017…

Violin Labeled Montagnana


This mysterious violin is labeled Montagnana, it is certainly a…