Yongmin NA Silver Cello Bow-SOLD

Yongmin Na

Born in Seongnam, South Korea. Currently making bows in Jeju Island Korea.

-4 years in the repair of stringed instruments and learning to manufacture instruments for 1 year.

-After that left the study abroad repair work in France.

In France Tour, he worked as assistant to Gilles DUHAUD.

(Pierre Guillaume, Pierre-Yves Fuchs, Emmanuel Carlier, Eric Fournier, etc., have learned the craft of repairs from Gilles DUHAUT.)

* 2014 8th place in the viola bow section of Mittenwald German craft competition.

* Ranked 7th in the 2014 US VSA Bass Bow.

* 2016 Merit Prize for 6th Violin in CIVMC China International Competition.

* Fourth place in the 2018 German Mittenwald Bow Making Competition

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