Violin by Frederick Haenel Violin USA 1940

Frederick Haenel Violin maker

(c. 1895 – c. 1978)


Year: 1940

“Made for Armand Roth”

Guarantee Authenticity by LAVS

This handsome violin was made in 1940 by German-American maker Frederick Haenel for Armand Roth, violinist and violist for Chicago Symphony and Los Angeles Philharmonic, as the handwritten label attests.  The back is a single piece of medium straight-grained maple showing light medium-width lateral figuring with deep lively optics. Ribs and scroll match. The top is of straight-grained spruce that runs from very fine grain on the centerline to medium width at the edges. Varnish is a light burnt umber color on the back and ribs, and on the top the grain gives a slightly khaki color.  The varnish highlights the grain of the wood and was originally evenly applied. There was no original antiquing, but use and wear has thinned the color on the back near the bottom bouts. The purfing really stands out, both on the top and back. The violin is a copy of the “Alard” Guarneri, and is so noted on the label.  The pegs, chinrest, and tailpiece are medium dark boxwood, and highlight the look of this handsome violin.

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