Violin by Caesare Candi Genoa 1912

Maker: Caesar Candi

Region: Genova Italy

Year: 1912

Certification: Dmitry Gindin

CANDI, Cesare Born 1869 Bologna, died 1947 Genoa Italy. Brother of Oreste Candi, below. Pupil of Fiorini until 1883. Moved to Genoa in 1888 to work for the Barberis Company making mandolins. Established a business there with Oreste in 1892 at 54 via dei Servi, primarily devoted to making plucked instruments. A close neighbour of E. Rocca and E. Praga, the brothers later moved to 9 via do Porta Soprana, and inherited the workshop tools and equipment of Praga. Production of violins increased from that period, gaining an award in Milan in 1906. From 1915 appointed curator of the Paganini’s 1743 del Gesu ‘Cannone’ violin; carried out significant restoration and investigations on it in 1937

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