Violin bow by Yongmin NA Silver VSA Edition

Born in Seongnam, South Korea, Yongmin Na currently makes bows in Jeju Island, Korea.

After four years studying the repair of stringed instruments at a local shop in Korea, he decided to learn violin making for one year. He felt a thirst to learn more, so he left Korea to study abroad and learn repair work in France. In Tours, France, he worked as assistant to Gilles Duhaut.

* 2014 8th place in the viola bow section of Mittenwald German craft competition.

* Ranked 7th in the 2014 US VSA Bass Bow.

* 2016 Merit Prize for 6th Violin in CIVMC China International Competition.

* Fourth place in the 2018 German Mittenwald Bow Making Competition

* 2022 Mittenwalt Violin making competition Gold Medal

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