Viola bow by Virginia Morricone- Amsterdam 2023

She is a graduate from the Accademia Romana di Liuteria, Italy. Since the earliest  days of luthierie  school, she has proved to be talented and a fast learner. A few months into her course of study her teacher hired her first as  an intern and then as his assistant.

While working at school, she discovered interests in strings instruments, and she started activity as a maker. After her Graduation she was employed by the Taller de lutheria de Sergi Martì where she worked for two years on instruments and bow restoration and repair as well as bow rehairing and she came to the U.S. While she was in Los Angeles, LAVS worked closely with her.

Currently, she is in Amsterdam to learn fine bow making under Michael Yeats to pursue as a bow maker.

This viola bow was made in Amsterdam under the tutelage of Michael Yeats and LAVS gladly have her bow in our inventory.

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