Rudoulf Doetsch Model (3/4-4/4)

Maker: Eastman Strings
Origin: Crafted in Germany, Finshed in Beijing, Set up at LAVS
Price: $4,500.00
Set up:

  • Aubert Luxe Belgian bridge carved by LAVS
  • Larsen & Spirocore Tungsten Combo Strings
  • Wittner tailpiece
  • DUROD Carbon Brass Endpin


From their beginnings in a small violin-making town in Germany to their completion in our Eastman Strings workshop in Beijing, China, Rudoulf Doetsch instruments are in the hands of experts. That’s why they have become known as “America’s favorite German instruments.”

  • Finish:Antiqued Spirit Varnish
  • Fingerboard:Ebony
  • Top:German Spruce
  • Ribs:Maple
  • Back:German Maple
  • Purfling:Genuine Hand-inlaid

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