Owens & Parkley Gold Label Violin 2023 #46

Owens & Parkley Gold Label  violin is great violin for advancing students to professionals. Owens & Parkley is another name of Los Angeles Violin Shop’s string workshop. This Owens & Parkley Gold Label  is Owens & Parkley’s (LAVS) Workshop finished model. This violin begins with partially-completed without neck attached from LAVS’s partner workshops (Germany, Bulgaria, China) Made with the finest European wood material unvarnished, built to our specifications. We completely graduate the top and back, fit new bass bar, set the neck, and apply the finest-quality varnish work done by our master makers in LAVS. The result is a violin that is being played in many serious students.

  • Fine oil varnished
  • LAVS Workshop Collabo Violin
  • Sound adjusted
  • Made out of fine European tonewoods

Come and try this beautiful violin at LAVS.

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