Niall O’Shiel Flemming Silver Cello Bow

Niall O’Shiel Flemming studied Violin making and restoration at the Newark School of Violin Making from 2007-2010, In his final year, he was also working for Stringers of Edinburgh in their London shop. There, he started doing basic work and rehairs on bows. After graduating, he did an apprenticeship with Pierre Guillaume at Maison Bernard in Brussels, Belgium, where he had the opportunity to see and work on some amazing old (mainly French) bows. Once finished in Brussels, Niall had fallen in love with the French style of bowmaking. He decided he wanted to know more about it, so he contacted the renowned bow maker Noel Burke to learn more about new making; fortunately for him, Noel took him on. He worked in Noel’s workshop for nearly two years trying to learn as much as he could from such a great master. Now Niall has set up shop for himself in the heart of Kilkenny city doing predominantly new making and some restoration of bows for musical instruments. In 2018 Niall received two certificates of merit for craftsmanship for his Violin and Cello bows from the Violin Society of America and in 2019 he received 2nd place in the 2e Concours International d’Archeterie Viola’s. His main inspiration is from the work of Étienne Pajeot, with some influences from Nicolas Maire, Nicolas Maline and Pierre Simone, some of the great French makers of the early 19th Century.

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