Mingjiang Zhu Violin 4/4

Mingjiang Zhu Violin

Guangzhou, China

Year: 2014


This violin is made in China from top quality European tone woods, and is one of the higher end models from this venerable atelier. The two-piece back is made of book matched flamed maple, with figures forming descending chevrons and deep optics. Ribs and scroll match. Top is straight-grained spruce. Varnish is a medium burnt umber over a lighter base. Varnish is evenly applied, except on the back where it is thinned to simulate shoulder wear. Antiquing is limited to the aforementioned thinning of the varnish on the back, and some thinning of the color to highlight the top arching and to simulate wear on the back.  The violin is modeled on a Guarneri design, with appropriate sound-holes and shape. Medium dark boxwood pegs, chinrest, and tailpiece nicely compliment the look of this handsome instrument.


Mingjiang Zhu Violin features:

  • Guarneri model
  • European Tonewoods
  • Inspected, adjusted, and set-up in LA Violin Workshop
  • Dominant or Vision Solo Strings
  • Handsome look and beautiful sound

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