Mathias Neuner Violin 4/4

Mathias Neuner Violin

Mittenwald, Germany

Year: 1812 (? Date on label is obscured)

Body Length: 359mm

This handsome German violin has a two-piece back tight-grained maple with little figuring. The back is so well matched; it looks like a single piece on first glance. Ribs and scroll match. Top is of medium fine-grained spruce. The violin is made in the Stradivari style, and the sound-holes, shape, and corners follow that model. The varnish is a medium dark walnut over a neutral base. On the back, the color is applied in mottled manner allowing the wood to show through. On the top the color is evenly applied overall, with a few patches where the color lightens to add a beautiful contrast. Antiquing is minimal, genuine and honestly earned by years of playing. Light boxwood pegs, chinrest, and tailpiece contrast nicely with this very handsome and well cared for instrument.

Mathias Neuner Violin features:

  • Stradivari model
  • Nineteen century Mittenwald instrument
  • Inspected, adjusted, and set-up in LA Violin Workshop
  • Peter Infield Strings

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