Johann Georg Voigt I Markneukirchen 1784- SOLD

Maker: By Johann Georg Voigt I (1748-1802)

Son and pupil of Johann Adam. master in the Guild at Markeukirchen.

Region: Markneukirchen, Germany

Year: 1784

Body Length: 354mm 

Condition: Scroll, top, back authentic and original

This beautiful old German violin has a one piece straight grained maple back displaying mild lateral figuring with moderate optical depth. Ribs and scroll match. The top is of very fine-, straight-grained spruce. The varnish is a rich brownish auburn (brown with red highlights), which through wear has lightened on the back to a lovely honey color. The “antiquing” is from genuine use and wear, and that is very minimal. The violin is modeled on a Amati design, with moderately high arching on the top and back. Preserved well and perfect condition.

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