German Stradivari Copy Violin 4/4

Stradivari Copy Violin


Year: unknown


This handsome violin doesn’t tell us much about itself. The label is the typical copy of a Stradivari label dated 1717, but it does display the hallmarks of a German atelier. The back is a two-piece book matched maple with dramatic flaming in rising chevrons. The flaming displays deep optics. The ribs and scroll match the back. The top is of very fine-grained spruce.  The varnish is a medium honey color and is evenly applied over the top and probably was on the back as well when new.  Antiquing is limited to a thinning of color on the back to simulate case, shoulder, and hand wear, on the top to a slight thinning of the color on the top, and some dark color on the sound-hole wings and between the upper eyes of the sound-holes to simulate rosin stains. There is also a little of this dark color in the curls of the scroll. As mentioned above, the violin is a copy of a Stradivari design, and is well executed with very nice fine edgework. Ebony pegs, chinrest, and tailpiece keep the look classic.  The sound is classic too.

German Stradivari Violin features: 

  • Stradivari model
  • Made in Germany
  • Inspected, adjusted, and set-up in LA Violin Workshop
  • Vision Titanium Strings
  • Handsome instrument with a classic German sound
  • Free Shipping with the continental U.S.

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