Émile Auguste Ouchard Violin bow 1940

Maker: Émile Auguste Ouchard
Region: Paris, FR
Mount: Silver
Year: 1940
Certification: J F Raffin #12206


He was born in 1900 in Mirecourt (Vosges). After his apprenticeship E.A. Ouchard worked for a few years with his father at rue Canon in Mirecourt. Later worked in Paris and the United States, returning to France in the mid 1950s. To be more exact, in 1940 A. Ouchard started his own workshop at rue de Rome in Paris before leaving for the United States in 1946. He first joined RUDIE in New York and then LEWIS & Sons in Chicago. His bows are similar to those of the Voirin-Lamy school. A master craftsman and artist who made bows with perfect symmetry and with the perfect balance of suppleness and resistance for effortless staccato and cantabile sound. He died in Gan in 1969.

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