Cello bow by Claudia Carmona Paris 2023

Bow maker based in France she began her career as a violinmaker before making the lateral transition to what became her real passion.

Claudia Carmona was born in Xalapa, Mexico where she learned violin making at the University of Veracruz violinmaking workshop. In 2000 she moved to Salt Lake City, US and four years later she entered the Bow Making School of America under the direction of Jean Grunberger. During those years she attended the bow making workshops at Oberlin College.


She settled in Angers France in 2010 where she continues to dedicate herself to bow making.


Pulling inspiration from great musicians, she develops her own models moving freely between shapes, colors and sounds.

Her bows are played and appreciated by soloists and the finest musicians from around the world.

In 2014, she became the first bow maker to receive two prizes from the musician’s jury for the same cello bow at the VioloncellenSeine competition in Paris.


Coup de Cœur Walter GRIMMER VioloncellenSeine 2012

Coup de Cœur Aurélien SABOURET VioloncellenSeine 2014

Coup de Cœur Didier POSKIN VioloncellenSeine 2014




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