Cantus Dubois Viola 15.5″

Cantus Dubois Viola

Year: 2014


Serial # 144

Two-piece figured maple back, with moderately light flaming, book-matched to form straight strips across the back. Ribs and scroll are lightly figured, and match the back. Top is closely and straight grained spruce. Varnish is a medium burnt umber color over a golden base and is evenly applied, except where antiquing has been done. Antiquing takes the form of some mild thinning of the color suggesting shoulder wear, in addition there are a couple places (the upper treble bout on the top, on the back the upper bouts and the center of the back, and on the treble side ribs) where the varnish as been drastically thinned to suggest chipping. There is varnish crazing overall.  The viola is modeled on a Stradivari, with the correct sound-holes and mould shape. This instrument has boxwood pegs and chinrest. The tailpiece is a Wittner with four integrated fine tuners.

For Los Angeles Violin Shop customer, we would confidently recommend this product for the advanced students or amateur player. This is great value for the money. The arching, and thickness are carved with exact measures and followed by Los Angeles Violin Shop’s specification.


Cantus Dubois Viola features:

  • Solid spruce top, maple back and side
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Hand rubbed oil & spirit varnish in antiqued burnt umber
  • Set up with Thomastik Dominant or Vision Strings installed.
  • Wittner tailpiece with integrated fine tuners
  • Style: Stradivari


This Cantus Dubois viola is our shop model, since all the violins are unique, the violin may be little different from pictures (grains, varnish).

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