Ascribed Banks Violin, England

Ascribed of Benjamin Banks Violin


Date: 1790-1820

Body Length: 355mm

This handsome violin is full of mystery. The label is faded and is almost completely illegible, except for the word “Banks”. The back is stamped with the words “Banks” and “Camus” under the button. But after that is only conjecture. This violin has a two-piece book matched maple back displaying a wide lateral figure with medium deep optics. The ribs and scroll match. The top is spruce with a very fine grained on the treble side broadening to a medium fine grain on the bass side. The varnish is a dark walnut over a light golden base, giving the violin a handsome mottled golden brown color over all. Medium Boxwood pegs, chinrest, and tailpiece contrast nicely. This is a very interesting violin, with a lovely voice.

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