Albert Knorr Violin, Markneukirchen 1927

Albert Knorr Violin

Markneukirchen, Germany

Year: 1927

Body Length: 355mm

This handsome German violin has dramatic two-piece book matched maple back displaying medium wide and fine flaming in chevrons rising from the centerline to the edges, with deep, active optics. Ribs and scroll match. Top is of finely grained straight grain spruce. The varnish is a bright medium burnt umber over a light base. Antiquing is limited to some lightening of the color on the back to simulate shoulder wear, and hand wear on the upper bouts; on the top, some lightening of the color on the upper and lower bouts to simulate hand and chin wear. The violin is modeled on a Guarneri design with appropriate shape and soundholes. Medium dark boxwood pegs, chinrest, and tailpiece complete this very handsome violin.

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