Thank you for all musicians, educators, collectors, and dealers who came 2020 AUTHENTICATELA EVENT. It was great that we meet you at our shop in person and we are grateful that we have these experts in town. We appreciate all of your support and so excited to announce our 2020 Session to come.

After long partnerships and training with renowned French appraisers, Mr Jean-Francois Raffin, Sylvan Bigot, Yannick Le Canu (for French bows) and Jean-Jacques Rampal, Jonathan Marolle (for fine instruments), have earned the highest reputations in the classical appraisal industry. Their certificates are recognized around the world. Owen Lee and The Los Angeles Violin Shop are proud to announce they will be hosting an event in January every year with these experts.

Our new website for this expertise session in Los Angeles will be:


  • Vatelot-Rampal and Jean-Francois Raffin expert session at Los Angeles Violin Shop every January
  • Please save the time and make an appointment
  • 15 minutes appraisal (verbal appraisal) will be $60 however, we will reimburse $60 when you decide make certificates.
  • After the inspection, experts will give you verbal authentication.
  • The certificate of authenticity will be made in Paris, France and will be mailed to LA Violin Shop.
  • If the instruments or bows are authentic, LAVS will take pictures of bows and instruments.
  • Dealers, collectors, and musicians all welcome to sign up for a session we will give extra time depend on the quantity of bows and instruments.
  • Please call 213-471-2124 or send us email to and visit us at for more information