Victor Bernard Silver Cello Bow

Archet LA 2022: Featuring Contemporary Bows
March 24-26 2022 @ Colburn School, March 28- April 02 2022 @LA Violin Shop

LAVS is honored to present the finest contemporary art of bows in Los Angeles.


    • Archet LA’s objective is to inspire the creation and appreciation of outstanding, artistic, concert-quality contemporary bows.
    • Los Angeles Violin Shop’s Archet LA strives to feature the work of high-level contemporary bow makers from around the world, including both established and emerging bowmakers, violin/viola/cello bows for Archet LA 2022. LAVS wishes to simultaneously familiarize musicians with the exceptional quality of contemporary bows while granting an opportunity for bowmakers to gain professional exposure.
  • Current confirmed makers

Doriane Bodart

Emmanuel Carlier

Evan Orman

Josephine Thomachot

Kees Van Hemert

Marie Chastagnol

Niall O’Shiel Flemming

Pierre Nehr


Sylvain Bigot

Victor Bernard

Matt Wehling

Emmanuel Bégin

Clémence de Lartigue

Gary Leahy

Gilles Nehr

Lynn Hannings

Simon Shaw

Thomas Giquet

Yongje Song

Yongmin NA

We are thrilled and excited to present these wonderful makers’ work in Los Angeles. For more information, email to or call 213-471-2124.