Soojung Crystal Park


– Professor of Cello at Chong Shin University in USA

– Park Piano trio Cellist

– Performed with Eurasian Orchestra conducted by Maestro NanSae Kum sponsored by Posco(4/17/2010)

– Performed with JB Orchestra, L.A Korean Orchestra, L.A National Orchestra

– Performed with Gun-San City Orchestra (2002, 2008, 2010).

– Park Trio Tour Concert sponsored by the Korean Ambassador(Seoul- Kangnamgoo, Nowongoo, Pohang, Kunsan, Kwangyang, Geonjoo)(2007-2010)

– Performed with Hai-Kyung Suh in La Mirada Theater (2002)

– Performed with Peter Marsh (professor of USC) String Quartet (Sponsored by Muckenthaler Art Center (3/6/05).

– Young Artists in Chamber Music Marathon Concert (1998-2004).

– Park Trio Concert Series for United Methodist Church (2006)

– 2002 New Year Spring Concert : Zipper Concert Hall. (Sponsored by Radio Seoul (AM1650), The Korea Times, MTAC).

– Fund Raising Concert for Teenage Drug Rehab (2001,2002).

(Sponsored by The Korea Times, KTAN, Radio Seoul).

– Multi-Cultural Music Festival Concert (1999-2002).

– Young Artists in Chamber Music Marathon Concert (1998-2004).

– Radio Seoul New Year Concert Performance.

– USC School of Music presents Recital (Newman Recital Hall) (2003).

– Evaluator of Love in Music

– Judge of US Piano & String Competition of Hymn (2005).

– Evaluator of MTNA (Music Teachers National Association) Evaluation (Strings). (1999-).

– Active member of MTNA.

– Member of SYMF Competition.

– Member of Su Won Symphony & Su Won Chamber.

– 1st prize Winner of WulKan Kyung Hiang Competition (월간 경향 콩쿨)

– Winner of YEWON Competition (예원 콩쿨).

– Degree of USC Master of Music (Cello).

– Han-Yang University (BM).

– Graduated at Yewon, Seoul Art High School

Studied with Hei-duk Lee, Kyung-ok Park, Eleonore Schoenfeld