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Los Angeles Violin Shop is proud to house instruments crafted by the finest luthiers of centuries past. These instruments have been imbued with a sonic richness from generations of players and practice. Not to be outdone, the luthiers at LAVS produce completely new, award-winning instruments that are created with the modern player in mind. Whether you are looking for something new or old, LAVS’ Featured Instruments are sure to excite and delight.

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LAVS Photo Studio

LA Violin Shop now offers professional photography services tailored to your promotional requirements. We recognize the significance of comprehensive full-length photos and headshots in today's competitive market. This is why we've dedicated a part of our space to craft a versatile photo studio, complete with various backdrops and lighting options. Our services extend beyond capturing portraits – we are proficient in instrument photography. It's worth noting that the majority of images featured on our website originate right here within our shop.

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