Welcome to Los Angeles Music Academy

Welcome to Los Angeles Music Academy

Home of Los Angeles String Program Outreach

Our music program is committed to the education of the whole person: intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual.

The goal of our school is to provide an inspiring environment that engages all students and ensures that music flourishes as an essential element in living abundant cultural life.

Our lessons are for anyone that wants to learn to make music, expand their existing skills that will last a lifetime.

Our teachers are experienced, dedicated, and passionate educators who strives to see students’ succeed.

It is our wish that every student receive the tools that will help him/her reach their potential.


Not because we expect you to major in music;
Not because we expect you to sing all your life;
Not so you can relax, not so you can have fun;

But so you will be human. So you will recognize beauty. So you will be sensitive. So you will be closer to an infinite beyond this world. So you will have something to cling to. So you will have more love, compassion, gentleness, good–in short, more life!

Of what value will it be to make a prosperous living unless you know how to live?


A Foundation for Life

It is well established that music enriches and enhances the education process.  Students involved in music and fine arts find more purpose in all areas of study and meaning in the world around them.

This is especially true in the study of string instruments.  Playing the violin or other violin-family instrument is a rewarding challenge that takes the student on a journey that stimulates the whole soul.  This journey reinforces eternal principles of rhythm, pitch, harmony, and tonal beauty.  Each of these principles has application in both string instrument playing and the real world in which we live.

Although the musical application of these principles is obvious, the real-world application may not be.  Here are some examples of real-world applications of these musical principles: Rhythm—being in the right place at the right time doing the right thing; Pitch—learning to discern right from wrong and choosing right; Harmony—getting along with others by aligning our lives with our most fundamental beliefs of love for God and neighbor; Tonal Beauty—living each and every moment of our lives to the fullest with gratitude and virtue.

By participating in strings, students are exposed to these guiding principles and learn to apply them in their playing and in their daily lives.  Students who learn these principles make the world around them a better place regardless of whether they pursue a career in music or not.

Our private lesson is fun and supportive.

At LA Music Academy, students experience the wonder of music. We strongly recommend to join our ensemble program even early beginning of the lesson. At LA Music Academy, students will participate in solo performances. When they complete songs, we recommend our students to have solo recital opportunity to enjoy playing music in front of audiences.